FDA Warns of High Levels of Lead in a Medicine Manufactured in India

As reported on August 7, 2017 on their website, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning parents and caregivers not to use “Balguti Kesaria (or Kesaria Balguti) Ayurvedic Medicine” due to the risk of lead poisoning.

The product is sold online and manufactured by multiple companies, including Kesari Ayurvedic Pharmacy in India. It is used with infants and children for a variety of conditions including rickets, cough and cold, worms and teething.

FDA initially learned of this risk from the North Carolina Division of Public Health after the product was tested and found to contain high levels of lead. The Michigan department of health and Human Services also found high levels of lead in the product.

It is recommended that anyone using the product or giving it to a child should stop immediately and consult a healthcare professional.