Preventing Lead Poisoning

Minimizing Lead Exposure

Preventative measures are the best defense and removing sources of contamination considerably lessens incidents of lead poisoning. Children and adults should undergo lead blood testing to ensure the absence of a contaminant or to monitor their health. More serious cases of lead poisoning may require significant treatment options, though the standard treatment for heavy metal poisoning is Chelation therapy.

Combating Lead Poisoning in and around the House and Apartment

If you live in a house or apartment building built before 1978 and are having renovations, repairs or painting done, make sure your contractor is certified in using Lead Safe Work Practices. The contractor should provide you with his RRP Certification Number.

If you are doing the work yourself, make sure that you enclose the work area with tightly-sealed plastic. Do not let your children come in contact with the debris and clean up thoroughly. Take dust wipes and send them an accredited lead testing laboratory for clearance by a licensed Lead Inspector. .

Other Preventive Measures

  • Inspect and maintain all painted surfaces to prevent paint deterioration
  • Address water damage quickly and completely
  • Keep your home clean and dust-free
  • Clean around painted areas where friction can generate dust, such as doors, windows, and drawers. Wipe these areas with a wet sponge or rag to remove paint chips or dust
  • Use only cold water to prepare food and drinks
  • Flush water outlets used for drinking or food preparation
  • Clean debris out of outlet screens or faucet aerators on a regular basis
  • Wash children’s hands, bottles, pacifiers and toys often
  • Teach children to wipe and remove their shoes and wash hands after playing outdoors
  • Ensure that your family members eat well-balanced meals. Children with healthy diets absorb less lead.
Find a Lead Professional in Your Area

The best way to ensure your home is lead safe is to have a certified lead professional inspect it. Live Lead Safe strongly recommends you engage a certified professional to conduct your testing or abatement work. We are pleased to recommend these fine service providers:

  • Certified Lead Inspectors
  • Certified Lead Risk Assessors
  • Certified Lead Abatement Contractors